Alana (thetrouble) wrote,

return of the mack

Hi Livejournal. I never use you.

Thought you might like to know that I have a great thanksgiving. I also had an amazing summer since we're catching up and all! Brittany and I made an incredible vegan feast, and then we read each other poems while drinking wine in a bubble bath.

I have been trying to move out of Columbus for more than half of the time I have lived here. Im nervous I wont have the money or resources to do this right by Feb. (our final deadline for real this time). I need a few grand and a job on the west coast please.

In other news I hate everyone and I want to set Columbus on fire. I moved to a new Evolved location where I work with ladies only, so I guess that's pretty cool for now.

Ive been doing lots of paintings. In fact, I should be painting instead of writing this!

Smell ya later.
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