Alana (thetrouble) wrote,

return of the mack

Hi Livejournal. I never use you.

Thought you might like to know that I have a great thanksgiving. I also had an amazing summer since we're catching up and all! Brittany and I made an incredible vegan feast, and then we read each other poems while drinking wine in a bubble bath.

I have been trying to move out of Columbus for more than half of the time I have lived here. Im nervous I wont have the money or resources to do this right by Feb. (our final deadline for real this time). I need a few grand and a job on the west coast please.

In other news I hate everyone and I want to set Columbus on fire. I moved to a new Evolved location where I work with ladies only, so I guess that's pretty cool for now.

Ive been doing lots of paintings. In fact, I should be painting instead of writing this!

Smell ya later.
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I want to come visit tomorrow, but you work and I'm scared to be in town during the OSU/Michigan game (which I just realized was tomorrow because Drew's dad was yammering on about it all night.) What are your thoughts on this???
well. You and Brit could def hang and do fun things. Game stuff isnt bad by our house, especially since you can get off the highway right here. I dont get off until 9 though :(. Will you stay for Sunday too?
You're planning on moving here, right? ;p
Saw Mel at brunch today. She told Brittany not to pick on me. Talked about missing you guys so much. Cant wait to come visit! Unfortunately I think I need more sunshine than Seattle has to offer. Weird coming from someone Cleveland born, I know.
Haha, aww. Britters shouldn't pick on you. It has actually been far sunnier here than I expected it to be.