Alana (thetrouble) wrote,

Gotta go back in time

Ok, who wants a copy of this irl?

Autumn '09

1. American Football- Never Meant

2. Sunny Day Real Estate- Seven

3. At the Drive In- Initiation

4. Braid- Driver

5. Joan of Arc- Gin & Platonic

6. The Promise Ring- Anne You Will Sing

7. Rainer Maria- Tinfoil

8. The Get Up Kids- Central Standard Time

9. Cap'n Jazz- Puddle Splashers

10. Pop Unknown- Your Own Personal Wedding

11. Desaparecidos- Give Me The Pen

12. Christie Front Drive- Seven Day Candle

13. Saetia- The Sweetness and the Light

14. I Hate Myself- Caught in a Flood with the Captain of the Cheerleading Squad

15. On the Might of Princes- Caboose

16. Film School- Introduced
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